Create a culture of Improvement in 20 seconds

We’ve already done it for major global organisations, now it’s your turn.

Sound familiar?

1. Do annual survey
2. Wait 3 months to analyse
3. Implement large initiative from the top down
4. Wait 12 months to see if it worked
5. It didn't work

Why it doesn't work

 It's too time consuming
Traditional surveys take a great deal of time for both management and team members. They generally require a great deal of consulting, analysis and coaching. The process is slow and rigid, and they are universally hated by submitters.

 It's too complicated
The data requires a great deal of interpretation and analysis, and communicating these results to managers at various levels requires a lot of coaching and prodding.

 It’s inherently passive and one way
The process centres around data collection and analysis, not action. When the results become difficult to interpret, the default response of many managers is to do nothing and ignore it.

 It’s risky and has a low take up
Formulating large, costly initiatives from one set of responses provides no flexibility for changes that occur week to week, and because the approach is top-down, it generally attracts very little buy-in from team members.

We can do better

Teamgage is a technology platform that instils a culture of continuous improvement at all levels of the organisation.

It fosters an environment of iterative improvement, and motivates team members to own the improvement process and to push ideas from the bottom-up. Most importantly, it has a bias towards action.


An interface people
actually want to use

Our unique 20 second interface
We’ve replaced the boring old survey with our unique 20 second interface. It’s beautiful and intuitive to use, and it only takes 20 seconds!

Metrics built around your organisation
Team members make their submission on metrics that are important to the organisation and their area on a regular basis. The data is normalised through anchor points, and short comments are included. The system influences submitters to create these comments in an action oriented and constructive way.

Two way value

No more black holes
One of the many issues with a traditional approach is that it’s a one-way process. Team members submit data to management, and it feels like they are wasting time by typing answers into a black hole. Teamgage closes the loop.

Structured results for team meetings
This is where the real magic takes place - the submissions made by team members are aggregated into reports which are displayed during team meetings. This report prompts discussion points for the conversations that need to be had, and helps team members to create actions to improve. Submitters also get to access their own timeline.

Iterative improvement

Fostering the right culture
Teamgage is used iteratively. Submissions are done just prior to a team meeting (generally weekly, fortnightly or monthly), and discussed at the meeting to create a new set of actions. It fosters a culture where improvements can be tested at a small scale and expanded where they succeed. Crucially it allows groups to try things and fail (i.e. learn) without signification cost.

Creating timely solutions together
It also means that those who are in the best position to solve a problem (i.e. those that are experiencing it day to day) can be the ones to come up with solutions and drive change. These changes can then be pushed up and across the organisation where appropriate.

The system also provides trending reports so that you can find out if solutions are working in days and weeks instead of months or years.

Built to help management

Take the pressure off management
Teamgage breaks the traditional top-down model where managers are expected to have all the answers. Instead it puts them in a position to collaborate with their teams and foster improvement by removing barriers and supporting ideas.

Reporting flexibility
Teamgage allows you to slice and dice your data at any level of the organisation from team levels, up to branches and divisions. It also allows you to use metadata to gain insights on demographics like “graduates” or region. You’ll get the same level of functionality at every level, allowing you to look at critical metrics, trending and comments.

Ready for change? Let’s make it happen:

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Ready for change? Let’s make it happen:

Let's Recap What teamgage Offers

Teamgage offers actionable and elegant workplace analytics in real-time for companies that want to make evidence-based decisions to energise and motivate their teams to do their best work.
Team members:
20-seconds to make submission
Completely anonymous
Increased staff engagement
Team leaders:
Real-time submissions data
Glance and go reports
Actionable results
Metrics align with your business
Compare results across teams
Drive change with staff
Quantify the impact of change
Reduce staff turnover
Enterprise Security

We Could Go On Forever

But the best way to experience Teamgage is by seeing it in action.

We’re a friendly bunch and don’t worry, we hate dated, pushy sales tactics as much as you do. Our goal is to turn every organisation into improvement champions – if you decide we can’t do that for you, we won’t waste your time.

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