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When a team is engaged, trust and teamwork are enhanced

An engaged team develops an emotional commitment to each other’s wellbeing and performance, which becomes a driving force to achieve strategic goals.

Teamgage is a platform that automates this process by helping teams measure, discuss and create actions in areas important to their performance and success.

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Creating actions together

    Enable leaders and teams to share ownership and drive improvements together
    Team members take responsibility for their own sense of fulfilment and contribution to the business. Leaders keep a watchful eye on cultural drivers and overall employee engagement.

    Everyone’s voice is heard creating an inclusive culture
    Promote conversations between leaders to share their team engagement approaches. Enable managers to nudge the team culture into alignment with the business strategy.

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    "By using Teamgage, myself and the SLT have been able to track how our people are feeling about the business and how they feel we’re tracking against our strategic priorities. It has empowered the team to make better and more informed decisions based on real-time. feedback from our workforce.”

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    "Teamgage helps us to collaborate on areas that are important to us! When we look through our Teamgage results, we consider our current workload, KPIs and goals, then set some Teamgage actions to improve results. We’ve been using Teamgage for over 4 years and it continues to deliver value.”

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    "Before the COVID pandemic we were using Teamgage simply as an engagement tool. The power of Teamgage is in the ability to quickly adapt, particularly the unprecedented changes that COVID-19 brought to bear on our workforce. We loved the flexibility of Teamgage and how it helped us understand our staff during this time.”

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    "NEC Australia implemented Teamgage to facilitate an open discussion about performance, which is now happening more regularly across all teams. Teamgage staff provided excellent guidance throughout the set up and roll out phases, and continue to provide timely and accurate support.”

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    "We have seen our employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS) improve significantly since we started using Teamgage. Employees felt that Teamgage gave them permission to submit their ideas to improve processes further. One suggestion in particular was picked up and implemented, which improved both patient outcomes and staff results!”

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    Make change business as usual

    Change doesn't have to be risky. Transformation doesn’t have to be a long, scary and expensive process filled with blind spots. Using an iterative team performance improvement cycle you can drastically reduce the cost and risk associated with any change.

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