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Build high performing teams and a culture of continuous improvement

The benefits of an employee survey while empowering teams to achieve your goals.

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Leading organisations don't just survey their employees, they empower their teams.

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See your people thrive and company goals achieved

Teamgage builds your employee engagement by regularly collecting workplace feedback. It then empowers each of your teams to take action on their own results. And don’t worry! With your choice of metrics, you can access all the real-time insights that your leaders and HR need.

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Create actions together

    Your team members don't want to just fill out a survey! They want to come together to help drive a change in any issues or ideas they've identified. This prompts the conversations that teams need to have and helps to align your culture.

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    Engaged teams deliver better outcomes


    Higher customer loyalty


    Higher profitability


    Higher productivity


    Fewer safety incidents


    Lower staff turnover


    Fewer defects

    *Stats from Gallup's employee engagement meta-analysis survey 2020

    Why customers love Teamgage


    How Teamgage can help you

    People and Culture

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      Not just a pulse or survey. Enable leaders to engage their teams and increase trust, even when they work remotely.
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      Give your staff a voice and enhance the employee experience in the workplace as they take action on their own team results.

    Change and Transformation

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      Support leaders to accelerate change adoption on the ground at team level.
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      Increase visibility to mitigate risk, measure progress and change impact.  

    Operations Management

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      Have meaningful conversations increasing trust and collaboration amongst team members.
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      Have visibility of your department strategic goals and how your team is coping in real-time.

    Technology Enablement

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      Support team collaboration and faster decision making with real-time insights.
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      Enable modern, hybrid work practices and alignment in remote teams. 
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    Make change business as usual

    Change doesn't have to be risky. Transformation doesn’t have to be a long, scary and expensive process filled with blind spots. Using an iterative improvement cycle you can reduce the risk associated with change.

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    "By using Teamgage, myself and the SLT have been able to track how our people are feeling about the business and how they feel we’re tracking against our strategic priorities. It has empowered the team to make better and more informed decisions based on real-time. feedback.”

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    "Teamgage helps us to collaborate on areas that are important to us! We’ve been using Teamgage for over 5 years and it continues to deliver value.”

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    "The power of Teamgage is in the ability to quickly adapt, particularly the unprecedented changes that COVID-19 brought to bear on our workforce. We loved the flexibility of Teamgage and how it helped us understand our staff during this time.”

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    "NEC Australia implemented Teamgage to facilitate an open discussion about performance, which is now happening more regularly across all teams. Teamgage staff provided excellent guidance throughout, and continue to provide timely and accurate support.”

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    "We have seen our employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS) improve significantly since we started using Teamgage. Employees felt that Teamgage gave them permission to submit their ideas to improve processes further.”

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    Trusted by ASX 100 and Fortune 500 companies across the world

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    The Team Engagement Platform that delivers you ROI

    Discover how we're improving organisations in your industry

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