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Culture is a fluffy HR thing

It's a task list item for someone in HR with little to no buy-in from senior leadership.


Improvement starts with me

A culture of continuous improvement, driven by everyone, focused on iterative improvements everyday.

Unmanaged risk

Unseen, unmanaged risks that could lead to a very public "uh oh" moment.


Early risk mitigation

Teams with a culture of addressing issues early and often to remove threats that could lead to catastrophe.

No data, or all the data

Either not enough data to make a decision, or too much data without any clarity on how to use it.


Insights with a bias for action

Insights that engage teams to create actions, innovate and remove blockages to performance.

Change is hard

Change is forced from the top down and then diluted along the way.


Change is opportunity

Change is driven from the bottom up, guided by the organisation's strategy.

Transformation is scary

It's a long, risky and expensive process that is filled with blind spots.


Transformation is who we are

Change happens everyday, incrementally, with lower risk and self correction. It's our advantage.


Ready for change? Let’s make it happen:
A desktop computer displaying a real-time Teamgage report. A laptop and smartphone showing an employee engagement survey.


Teamgage is a culture improvement tool for enterprise. It is the modern alternative to culture and engagement surveys, with a focus on business outcomes and continuous improvement.

Teamgage helps organisations gather employee feedback in real-time, and guides teams and management within the organisation to drive their own improvements in areas critical to the business strategy.

We are trusted by Fortune 500 and ASX 100 companies across the world.

Teamgage replaces the old model of change and transformation with a modern approach using the agile framework. This means better and more immediate feedback, lower risk and cost, shorter timeframes and a better outcome.

An engaged team discussing their Teamgage results during a meeting, driving improvement from the ground up.


Ever feel like you are drowning in data? You're not alone. On average an organisation will use just 0.5% of the data it collects.

Teamgage is different - it focuses on the business outcomes that matter to your organisation, then equips and guides teams and managers to drive improvement in those areas themselves from the bottom up, rather than relying on change being pushed from the top down. The system has a bias towards action and iterative improvement, with an understanding that improvement is everybody's responsibility.

Teamgage is focused on business outcomes, not data collection.

A Teamgage graph charting organisation improvement in company values between January and June.


Change doesn't have to be risky. Teamgage is designed to create a culture of continuous, iterative improvement. Trial new ideas quickly, double down on what works and remove what doesn't. Using an iterative improvement cycle let's you drastically reduce the cost and risk associated with change.

And speaking of risk, why not know the risks that exist in your organisation and resolve them before they escalate? Uncover them as they arise to reduce your organisation's exposure and improve compliance and safety.

A remote employee at a construction site smiling while completing his engagement survey using Teamgage.


Surveys are so last century. Teamgage lets employees provide feedback on any device with our beautiful and unique 20 second submission interface. Your reports will then update in realtime, 24/7.

Teamgage is great for desk based employees, but we also provide a first class experience for mobile workforces and employees without corporate devices or accounts like construction workers, nurses and aged care staff, remote sites and more with our unique feedback kiosks, SMS and submission card options.

Ready for change? Let’s make it happen:

How Teamgage is benefiting organisations like yours

Female, senior executive leading a HR meeting on organisation values and strategy.

How it works

We'll start by finding out what's important to your organisation, and what aligns with your strategy. We don't believe culture should be a separate "HR thing". It should be an integral part of your organisation.

Does your workforce deal with dangerous situations like construction?
Then a safety culture will be paramount.

Do you have people that have to handle stressful situations?
Your focus might be on wellbeing and resilience.

Looking to be on the cutting edge?
That will require a focus on innovation.

Whatever it is that makes your organisation tick, that's what we'll help you improve. Once the system knows what to work on, we'll move into the improvement cycle which has 4 stages...

A Teamgage graph charting organisation improvement in company values between January and June.

Continuous Improvement

Stage 1: Submissions made
Employees complete our unique and intuitive 20 second submission interface, generally before a regular team meeting or review interval.

Stage 2: Check reports
Real-time reports are generated for leaders of any team, level or demographic, giving a living view of the organisation.

Stage 3: Team meeting
This is where the magic happens. Each team reviews their results together, becoming engaged to own and drive the improvement process.

Stage 4: Actions & improve
With actions assigned in the team meeting to improve the results, each cycle allows the team to monitor what works well and not so well.

Two senior leaders have a discussion within their head office. On screen is a Teamgage report showing organisation results.

What about senior leaders?

Teamgage gives leaders a serious market advantage in several keys areas:

  • The leadership group gets to use the iterative improvement model just like every other team (learn, act, measure, improve)
  • They gain organisation-wide insights to find high performing teams, and spread great ideas to other areas of the business
  • They can view cross sections and specific demographics to focus in on key objects like :
    • What is the graduate experience like?
    • How consistent is our performance across regions?


How large does an organisation need to be to use Teamgage?
We love the idea, but we want to wait until we've finished our big change project /
we're too busy right now / we are going through a lot of change right now?
Have you worked with anyone in our specific industry?

Based on the range of organisations we have worked with, probably yes. Get in touch and we’ll send you through a case study.

You mentioned it's tailored to our organisation, how customisable is it?

Teamgage is highly customisable and our staff will spend the time to get a solution that is right for you. We’ve worked with customers on a wide range of topics like customer focus, workloads, quality, employee experience, safety, innovation, trust, communication, compliance, security, even atmosphere and office banter! The key is to align your improvement areas to the strategy of the organisation so that culture and strategy are in lockstep, rather than treated as separate concerns.

Are you enterprise ready?

Absolutely. We understand that large organisations need assurances around security and compliance. We’ve worked with Fortune 500 and ASX 100 companies and understand their unique requirements. We use enterprise-grade infrastructure, processes and procedures, powered by Microsoft Azure.

What are the technical details?

Teamgage is offered using a Software as a Service (SaaS) model. We provide access to the system through our web interface which is compatible with most modern browsers and devices. Submitters can access our submission interface from desktop, tablet or mobile, and our reporting interface looks great on presentation screens in meeting rooms of all sizes.


Ready to talk? Get in touch to explore how Teamgage could work in your organisation:

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