Managing teams flying blind?

Get the full picture. Now more than ever, technology leaders are using real-time team insights and action to drive results.

  • Know how each team is doing in real-time
  • Lower your staff turnover by 24.2%
  • Improve the success of your projects
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How do we help?

From managing change to lowering risk, the Teamgage platform will gather employee insights, then engage teams to take action on the results.

Use Team Engagement Software to support teams through change, projects, and business transformation.

Projects, Change
& Transformation

Projects fail because of people, not technology.

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Use Team Engagement Software to manage risk, compliance, and integrity in your workplace

Risk, Compliance
& Integrity

Still managing risk from the top down? There's a better way.

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Use Team Engagement Software to improve teamwork and performance

Teamwork & High

Turn a group of individuals into a high performing team.

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Use Team Engagement Software to improve business culture and employee engagement.

& Engagement

Employee engagement is nice. Team engagement is better.

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Use Team Engagement Software to promote innovation and agility.

& Agility

Unleash innovation across your organisation.

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Put Teamgage to work

One platform to gain all the insights, action and improvement you need.

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Still need an employee engagement survey? Add Teamgage Surveys to build a set of questions, share them with your teams and get real-time results.

Teamgage Surveys lets you build employee engagement surveys and more.
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Team Managers need help engaging their team? Add the Teamgage Academy for all the on-demand coaching and courses they could ever need.

Team managers can learn more about how to engage their teams in the Teamgage Academy.

What customers say

The robust analytics dashboard provides a seamless breakdown of feedback allowing us to identify strengths and areas for improvement swiftly, and then create meaningful actions.

Michael Harrison

Attorney-General’s Department

Teamgage is at the heart of how we look at teams because it gives us the real-time data we need to understand sentiment. With Teamgage I can actually predict the performance of teams 6+ weeks out.

Stephen Kowal


What we want is for people to know they can raise things through Teamgage, they can see in a session their feedback is being received and that actions are taken from the feedback as well.

Luke Havelberg

Flinder's University

Teamgage is user-friendly, minimizing time spent while offering valuable feedback with statistics for enhanced analysis and improvement.

Hai Yong

Manager, C&I ITO
DXC Technology

Without Teamgage

  • HR is responsible for culture & improvement
  • Always elephants in the room
  • Slow, inflexible, standardised surveys
  • Engagement is focused on an individual
  • Little to no action
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Eliminate the risk of workplace bullying

World-first research is at the heart of our new workplace bullying prevention program, launched in partnership with the University of South Australia.
Two women smiling in an office working at a laptop.
Feedback about our team engagement software from Tom Upitis from Flinders University.

Customer story

"Teamgage has given everyone a voice and the opportunity to influence how we continuously evolve and improve."

Tom Upitis, Associate Director,
IDS Risk, Governance and Ways of Working, Flinders University

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Generate amazing results

Teams that use our team engagement platform are able to achieve:




staff turnover


More positive employee sentiment

*Stats from Teamgage Data Analytics Team - Analysis 2022


How is Teamgage priced?
Our team engagement platform is offered as a subscription based on your total number of users. Our team can provide more detail and options to suit your organisation and budget.

Is my data in Teamgage secure?
Teamgage uses enterprise-grade infrastructure and encryption technologies to secure all the data that you provide. Keeping your information safe and secure is one of our core priorities.

There's lots of feedback platforms. What is Teamgage's point of difference?
Teamgage is a team engagement platform that delivers the benefits of traditional employee engagement and pulse surveys, but with the follow-up action and improvement owned by teams.

So Teamgage isn't just for those in HR or People and Culture roles?
Exactly right! The customers that initially engage with Teamgage can also include Chief Information Officers (CIOs), Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) and Organisational Development Specialists too.

How does Teamgage Huddle compare to Teamgage Surveys?
Think of Teamgage Huddle as the cornerstone of our platform. Your employees provide regular insights on metrics important to you and then teams own the continuous improvement process. The Teamgage Surveys add on offers the benefit of a traditional survey, where you create as many questions as you need and own the results.

Does Teamgage offer support for team managers?
Absolutely! Our team make sure your managers are fully supported to fully benefit from the system. Teamgage Academy goes further with on-demand coaching and courses to help managers better manage and drive improvement in their teams.

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