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Your platform for better team visibility & improvement.

If there's one thing Teamgage loves, it's working with CIOs. From providing visibility on your teams, to empowering people to own their own improvement cycles, we have a shared passion for driving results with data and technology. Let us show you how.

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Global teams use Teamgage to improve their organisation.

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You want to be data-driven? We got this.

  • Gather honest insights from across your teams
  • Use questions and metrics unique to you
  • Use data to help teams own and drive results, make and save money, and be more productive
  • Identify real-time risk and blockages
  • Spread innovation aligned to your strategy
  • Have data-driven conversations with team leaders, using their team's Teamgage results

Measurable improvement? Here's how.

With a change project on the horizon, this CIO used the Teamgage platform to not only gain an understanding of people's concerns, but to engage with teams to improve these areas by up to 12%.

The agile process for people

Let's take a look at each of the elements that make Teamgage so successful with CIOs.

Teams continuously improving

Team members will regularly provide 20-second insights on a handful of your focus areas e.g. “Change” or a specific "Project". Each team then huddles to look at their latest team results, driving alignment, ownership and improvement.

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Visibility for CIOs

From one screen you can see in real-time all of your team's results, actions, improvement, staff turnover and more. Not only does this mean you can identify areas or teams at risk, but have better data-driven conversations with team leaders too.

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Deeper results analysis

And we know CIOs are often short on time, so we made gaining access to more detailed analysis easy. Like analysing 1000 comments across every team with just a click!

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Identify & address issues.
Deliver positive outcomes.

"Every NECA employee is asked to provide a quick monthly snapshot on how their team is performing. Insights provided help business leaders and business partnering teams identify and address issues early, delivering a positive outcome for staff engagement and business performance."

Steve Burnell, NEC Australia

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Let's do this.

Discover why 7,000+ teams worldwide drive results with Teamgage.

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