Culture & Engagement

Employee engagement's nice. Team engagement's better.

Create an environment where teams drive their own cultural improvements from the bottom up while giving you a real-time view of the organisation and each team as they go. With Teamgage, your teams will not only be generating their own ideas and actions, they’ll have all the information and support they need for success.


Manage your culture - we got this.

The key is continuous improvement within teams! We'll embed each step of improvement, while giving project leaders valuable insights into where corrections and investment are most needed.

  • Improve team culture and engagement
  • Quickly remove any blockages to engagement
  • Focus on your metrics that are unique to you
  • Teams are motivated to own and drive results
  • Get a standardised measure across teams
  • Spread ideas and innovation amongst teams

Teams continuously improving

Team members regularly provide feedback in our unique 20-second submission page on topics like “Culture”. Teams then regularly huddle to look at their latest team results together, driving ownership, ideas and improvement.

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Team Managers supported & upskilled

Meanwhile Team Managers can access our Teamgage Academy, with a range of on-demand courses relating to culture and engagement. If they have questions on their team results or need support, we'll have a team engagement coach available.

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Deeper insights with surveys

You’ll also be able to run more detailed analysis with one-off or regular Teamgage Surveys to look at specific subjects e.g. an in-depth quarterly employee engagement survey.

Graphic of survey results.

Visibility for Senior Leaders

Finally, senior leaders will have real-time visibility across the organisation and its teams to understand what’s working and what isn’t, giving you the ability to act sooner and move faster.

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Customer story

"Our team leaders are now more engaged and spending more time focusing on their teams than they were previously. I strongly believe that Teamgage is an enabler for success."

Sarah Leo,
CEO, Resonate Consultants

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