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Add the Teamgage Academy to provide team managers with a higher level of learning, coaching and support to help further improve your results.

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Global teams use Teamgage to improve their organisation.

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On demand coaching

Let us help to guide your Managers and build their confidence when engaging with their teams. If they have questions, we'll have a team engagement coach ready to help via email or video call.

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Team report analysis

Team results looking a little scary? With just a click, a team manager can get personalised recommendations from our team engagement coaches.

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Learning on-demand

Give your Managers full access to our series of live and on-demand courses around the topics of team engagement and continuous improvement. Hear from experts who've successfully led teams at Shopify, Atlassian and more!

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See the Teamgage Academy in action

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What's included in the Teamgage Academy?
Academy customers will have access to video courses on demand, 1 on 1 coaching and our leader support hotline. We're here to really ensure your Team Managers are supported and upskilled!

How much is it to add the Teamgage Academy to my Teamgage Huddle subscription?
The price of the Teamgage Academy add on module scales based on the size of your organisation. Our team can provide more detail and options to suit your organisation and budget.

How do Teamgage Academy coaches support team managers?
Coaches can provide 1 on 1 or group sessions on a vast array of topics designed to maximise team engagement. They can also guide team managers through their results to help them come up with specific actions to improve.

How do team managers book time with a Teamgage Academy coach?
They can easily do this through their Teamgage dashboard.

Can I use just the Teamgage Academy?
The Teamgage Academy add on module is designed to compliment the ongoing improvement within Teamgage Huddle.

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The cornerstone of our platform. Employees provide the insights and teams own the improvement.

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Add Teamgage Surveys to build a set of questions, share them with teams and gain real-time results.

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Discover why 7,000+ teams worldwide drive results with Teamgage.

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