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On-demand employee surveys

Add Teamgage Surveys to easily create a set of questions, share them with your teams and analyse responses in real-time. Get the deeper insights you need fast!

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Custom question types

Want to ask your IT team a single question on risk? We've got you covered. How about a full employee engagement survey with long-form answers, scales, check boxes and more? You can do all that too!

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Tailored and targeted surveys

Send your survey to specific teams or even the whole organisation, via email and Microsoft Teams. Employees can then complete the survey on any device.

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Analyse responses in real-time

Visualise the survey results in an easy to use dashboard, share them with other leaders within your organisation, or export as .csv for even deeper analysis.

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See how easy Teamgage Surveys are to use

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How much is it to add Teamgage Surveys to my Teamgage Huddle subscription?
The price of the Teamgage Surveys add on module scales based on the size of your organisation. Our team can provide more detail and options to suit your organisation and budget.

Can I use just Teamgage Surveys?
The Teamgage Surveys add on module is designed to compliment the ongoing improvement within Teamgage Huddle.

How is Teamgage Surveys different to Huddle?
Think of Teamgage Huddle as the cornerstone of our platform. Your employees provide regular insights on metrics important to you and then it's teams that own the continuous improvement process. The Teamgage Surveys add on module then offers the benefit of a traditional survey, where you create as many questions as you need, perhaps on some of the ideas raised in Huddle, and then own the results.

Sending surveys to specific teams will be great, where does that data come from?
We have specific tools to take your people data and recreate your organisation structure in Teamgage. This is how specific teams can submit and then chat about just their results in Teamgage Huddle. It's also how you'll be able to send that all important Teamgage Survey to IT in just a couple of clicks!

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The cornerstone of our platform. Employees provide the insights and teams own the improvement.

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Add the Teamgage Academy for on-demand coaching and courses for your team managers.

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