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Teamgage has been busy helping organisations achieve their strategic goals, by creating teams that communicate and drive the right actions. Here's all you need to know about us!

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A note from our Co-founders

"When we started Teamgage it was with the purpose to help organisations deliver valuable strategic outcomes by creating highly effective teams. We do this by equipping your teams to continuously improve how they work together.

We are passionate about what we do and how we deliver it. We’re not here to take from you, and believe we thrive by delivering you value every day."

Noelle & Ben Smit, Teamgage Co-founders


Who is Teamgage?

Teamgage is an Australian software business built by a group of professionals passionate about creating great places to work.

Our team engagement platform uses enterprise-grade infrastructure and encryption technologies to make sure all of your submission data remains safe, secure and anonymous.


Teamgage Values

From both our team and our product you can expect:

  1. A green check mark.
    We will always improve, and help you to do this too
  2. A green check mark.
    We can be relied upon to be diligent and dependable - we’ll do what we say we’ll do
  3. A green check mark.
    We will create with elegance, quality and a little magic, whether this be a new feature or a launch presentation
  4. A green check mark.
    We are all in this together, and that means with you too

We are committed to these behaviours and this is why we want to share them with you.


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