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Claudia Peixoto
January 1, 2021

Teamgage users are now able to use the system within the Microsoft Teams platform! This new integration allows Teamgage users to access reports, leave feedback and collaborate without ever leaving Microsoft Teams.

With Single Sign On, the app also becomes seamlessly accessible without any requirement to login. This creates zero friction for users to access their Teamgage account.

This is a game changer for teams working remotely as the ability to leave, share and discuss feedback can be managed without leaving the Microsoft Teams environment.

Share a submission link

Team leaders can share a submission link, that when clicked takes any Teamgage user seamlessly into their submission within Microsoft Teams.

Submit feedback with Microsoft Teams

The personal scope app allows users to make regular Teamgage feedback submissions. They can also access any Teamgage reports they have permission to view.

Launch meetings without leaving the Microsoft Teams platform

Launch the results dashboard report in full screen within Microsoft Teams, creating an immersive video call experience for remote teams.

Shares results and start conversations within Microsoft Teams

Publish your Teamgage report results into any Microsoft Teams channel where the Teamgage integration is installed. Begin a conversation within this channel on the published results, engaging users in a completely new way.

Connect remote workforces

We are excited to bring this new integration to our clients. We believe this integration will help connect remote workforces, increase response rates, and improve teams’ collaboration and wellbeing.

Microsoft introduces Teamgage for Teams

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