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Janet Langley
April 8, 2020

You’re busier than ever right now. Your organisation is going through a challenging time, you’re trying to keep your people safe and the environment you operate in is ever-changing.

In many ways, this is the perfect time to introduce a product like Teamgage, but who has the time to setup something new? Maybe a simple Mailchimp survey will do for now and something more comprehensive can be looked at later?

To that we say “let us help give you better quality insights and save you time in the process using our new ready to go solution."

How it works

Each fortnight, we email employees with a link to a submission page like the one below. It takes about 20 secs to complete using any device, with questions relevant to you.

Each team leader then receives a real-time dashboard of the latest team results, that they can then own and improve with their team.

Action to improve

We know this process works, because we’ve seen teams acting on their own results, like creating COVID-19 resources or running a session to address uncertainty in the workplace.

The result? Scores in metrics like Wellbeing, Teamwork and Communication all improving.

Saving you time

But the last thing you need right now is more administration and setup. That's why our Australian-based support team can now offer you:

  • A full rollout plan that minimises your time and commitment
  • Bespoke recommendations on the questions to use
  • All teams setup in Teamgage using available data
  • Onboarding sessions for teams

Once launched, you’ll find that a benefit of Teamgage over a traditional survey is that our process of teams owning their own results will save you time. For example, you no longer need to resolve issues that can be better tackled at a team level and can instead just maintain an overview of how things are tracking across the whole organisation.

Even that part of Teamgage is designed to be quick and simple, with glance and go reports that use powerful artificial intelligence to instantly turns hundreds of employees comments into just a handful of colour-coded key themes.

Who we work with

We're trusted by leading organisations and government departments throughout Australia.

What they say

“Teamgage forms a critical element in our management and in times like this, it gives us real time feedback from the staff.   I am happy to speak to anyone looking at how to best use.”  

Stephen Kowal Group CEO - FTS Group

(one of the largest privately owned IT services companies in Australia)

Read how our 20-second solution is helping one of Australia's elite sports clubs with their employee engagement.

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