Leading hybrid teams? Here's why you need employee insights

Andy Welsh
November 1, 2023

💡 We get it. Managing teams through the complex landscape of remote and in-person collaboration can be tricky.

Do we have visibility on how our people and teams are doing? Are we fostering inclusivity, adaptability and innovation? What data do we have to make better decisions as the demands of our work evolves?

At Teamgage, we work with thousands of teams around the world and have seen first-hand how crucial regular employee insights have become to helping leaders steer their teams through these challenges to success. 

Let's take a look at why.

10 reasons why you need regular employee insights

1. Adaptability and flexibility
In a hybrid environment, the needs of employees can change rapidly and there's a danger this can go unnoticed. Regularly asking team members to provide insights on areas relevant to their team, surfaces areas of risk and allows policies and practices to adapt quickly.

2. Inclusivity
Remote or hybrid working environments can lead to feelings of isolation. Being engaged for ideas and insights ensures all employees feel included and part of the team.

3. Performance improvement
Chance conversations about how things are going in a team can be difficult in a hybrid environment. But a prompt for insights on performance ensures issues are addressed and improved.

4. Continuous improvement 
A culture of continuous improvement is critical in a hybrid working environment. Insights help teams and leaders identify areas to improve and take action.

5. Employee engagement and satisfaction
Regular insights help leaders understand the needs of their team. This improves job satisfaction, while boosting productivity and staff retention.

6. Wellbeing
Employee wellbeing is a top concern in hybrid working models. Gathering insights can help leaders take proactive measures to address any issues.

7. Change management
As organisations shift to hybrid models, there may be resistance or confusion. Regular insights help leaders address any challenges to change, making the transition smoother.

8. Innovation
People have great ideas wherever they work! Leaders can tap into this creativity and problem-solving capacity through regular feedback mechanisms.

9. Goal alignment
Regular insights ensure there's continuous alignment between the goals of the employee, team and organisation. Leaders can use this data to ensure all teams work towards a common goal.

10.  Better decision-making
Without data, leaders end up managing teams flying blind. That's why team insights are key to gaining the full picture and making better decisions.

Next steps

If you want to learn how simple it is to regularly gain employee insights and visibility on team performance, check out our Teamgage Huddle page.

Alternatively reach out to our team for a demo.

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