Don't just take a job. Be part of a team.

When an organisation invests in team engagement, it demonstrates a commitment to helping teams work better together. So here's why your next job should be with an organisation that uses Teamgage.

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Much more than a survey

Most traditional employee surveys end the moment you hit submit.
But organisations using Teamgage trust their teams to do a whole lot more than that.

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Have a voice in your team

Regularly provide insights on how you and your team is going, and what could be better.

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Make a submission in 20-seconds

No more survey fatigue here! Have your say, then get on with your day.

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Have transparency around results

Yes, you do get to see your team's Teamgage results. Say goodbye to survey black holes!

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Remove any frustrations

Any issues won't remain unsaid. They'll be raised and dealt with quickly by your team.

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Feel empowered to take action

If there's ideas your team agree will improve results, they'll happen as a Teamgage action.

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Lead with data

As a team leader, you'll have all the people insights you need to help your team succeed.

Be part of a positive & productive team

We checked the numbers! Teams that follow this process of continuous improvement have:


Higher improvement


More positive comments


More positive employee sentiment

Stats from Teamgage Data Analytics Team - Analysis 2022

Without Teamgage

  • HR is responsible for culture & improvement
  • Always elephants in the room
  • Slow, inflexible, standardised surveys
  • Engagement is focused on an individual
  • Little to no action
Through Teamgage we are increasing engagement, giving everyone a voice and the ability to contribute to the growth of the business as well as positively add to our working environment.

It is assisting our next line of leaders to develop confidence by running meetings, taking feedback, answering questions and building accountability through taking action from feedback received.
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