An ongoing process designed to improve
team engagement and enable progress

Give your employees a voice. Create a positive and productive workplace with regular team conversations and ongoing improvement actions.
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Define your metrics and make Teamgage your own

Customise each metric to your organisation and individual teams’ needs. Discuss strategic aspects that are relevant to the business success. Get feedback on both a team and organisational level.

Teamgage survey metrics


Ask your team members to complete their regular anonymous 1-minute submission

Teamgage 20 second survey

Get real-time feedback
Team members will regularly complete a Teamgage submission on your customised metrics. They move the gauges to represent how they are feeling about each one, and add up to 5 comments or ideas that can be used as prompts for discussion at your next team meeting.

Submit feedback on any device
Your team members can complete their submission on any device. Mobile workforces and employees without corporate devices or accounts can make their submissions using our feedback kiosks, SMS and submission card add-ons.

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View your latest real-time team results

Teamgage dashboard

After employees submit their feedback, team leaders will instantly be able to access a report that shows how each metric is performing, along with areas of change and risk. Click into any metric from the dashboard to see related comments and a timeline.

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Engage your teams and inspire actions

A team having a meeting in an office, while others join from a laptop.

Regularly meet the team and discuss the results
Holding a regular Teamgage results team meeting is a key part of a continuous improvement cycle. It can be weekly, fortnightly, monthly – you choose.

Create actions
Create actions to improve the issues identified. In the next Teamgage meeting, you will review the open actions and close the completed ones, closing the loop.

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Save time by harnessing the power of AI

9 rows of employee comments with 4 grey boxes on top that sum up what all of these comments are saying.

Harness the power of artificial intelligence using our sentiment analysis feature. Instantly turn rows of comments into a handful of key sentiment themes that need your attention.

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Gain actionable insights that enables collaboration and growth


Use Teamgage and Microsoft Teams to connect your workforce

Access reports, run meetings, leave feedback and collaborate without ever leaving Microsoft Teams. Connect remote workforces, increase response rates, and improve teams’ collaboration and wellbeing.

Teamgage results

Discover how we're improving organisations in your industry

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