Zoos South Australia

Teamgage is a proud corporate sponsor of Zoos SA, a not-for-profit conservation charity that exists to connect people with nature, save species from extinction and rehabilitate native wildlife affected by bushfires.


As the focus and priority areas have changed within Zoos SA over the last 4 years, the Teamgage metrics and submission schedules have adapted too. At present, metrics include Passion, Innovation, Engagement, Effectiveness and Respect, with staff submitting on a monthly basis.


  • Zoos SA senior leaders are seeing teams take ownership for operational improvements that they can drive, through using Teamgage comments and actions
  • The metrics are ensuring the current priorities are not forgotten about and become drivers for quicker action, focus and improvement
  • Real-time Teamgage feedback has instigated a risk assessment ensuring safety across the whole organisation


“Teamgage is a fabulous tool that helps us to collaborate on areas important to us! I love that it aligns our teams in the same focus areas, but can also adapt if required. For example, my team submit each fortnight to tie in with our meeting schedules, whereas those working on site submit each month.

When we look through our Teamgage results, we consider our current workload, KPIs and goals, then set some Teamgage actions to improve results. This is a great process for ensuring continuous improvement. We’ve been using Teamgage for over 4 years and it continues to deliver value for us.”

Leonie Murphy
Director, People and Performance, Zoos South Australia

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