Rackman Australia

Founded in 1996, Rackman Australia partner with some of the biggest industry leaders around the world to deliver tailored storage and racking solutions.

Their people have to cover a diverse operation that includes manufacturing, occupational health and safety (OHS) regulation, importing, fabrication, consulting, designing, warehousing and more!

Getting started

Back in 2020, the Rackman Australia business was growing rapidly and they needed to ensure they remained people focused, both for their development and for the growth of the business.

There was a real desire to "harness teamwork and leadership to strengthen the company's culture" and after a period of research, Teamgage was chosen as the platform that could deliver real impact in these areas.

Everyone couldn't wait to get started!

Questions that are right for the business

Every question used within Teamgage can be tailored to the needs of the business. So we worked with Rackman Australia to delve into their specific priorities.

The following focus areas became immediately clear:

  • Development of leaders
  • Building and maintaining effective communication across the entire team
  • Increasing collaboration
  • Maintaining a constant focus on safety in all that we do

With those in mind, a question set was created that would create valuable "thoughts, ideas and feedback" from Rackman's staff around leadership, communication and safety.

Time to launch

Although most people working at Rackman hadn’t experienced this type of process before, it was time to see if people really wanted to make their voices heard.

The good news was that they did, with the launch of Teamgage delivering an incredible 93% engagement rate!

Getting results

Submission rates like this are great, but Teamgage is all about delivering real results for your organisation, particularly around critical issues like risk and safety.

Through using our platform, everyone at Rackman Australia felt an increase in communication, transparency and in people’s willingness to step up and contribute. In turn this helped people feel able to raise specific comments that really helped the leadership team and allowed Rackman to maintain a high number against their Safety question.

More broadly, leadership were able to gain insights into the business and retain good ratings and engagement.

What they say

"I have found the Teamgage experience to be effective in:

  • leadership development
  • increasing transparency generally
  • sharing insights across teams, across the business
  • being a major factor in increasing cross area collaboration
  • giving everyone a voice
  • raising issues that people may not necessarily raise in a group/meeting/toolbox scenario

Teamgage have been a really responsive group to work with and the system itself in terms of providing results simply and quickly for leaders to share is incredibly powerful.  

The system also allows for easy reference to how we are trending in a variety of metrics, at this moment in time, and historically."

Craig McSweeney

General Manager, Rackman Australia

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