Metals and Mining

Customer Story

Industry: Metals and Mining

Employees: 1k–2k   Annual Revenue: $1Billion - $2 Billion

With only an annual survey of people to measure progress, the client wanted a faster and more agile way of obtaining employee feedback.

Using Teamgage, several key areas were chosen for tracking based on the company strategy. Monthly aggregated feedback was made visible to local teams, which guided valuable discussions in team meetings. Overall trends and patterns across the business would also be analysed in real-time.


Six key areas were chosen for tracking, with a focus on teams discovering what is working well and where action is required to improve performance. This included metrics for Environment, Empowerment and Trust.


  • Within the first three months of using Teamgage there were improvements across 6 of the 7 key metrics
  • Teamgage was so effective it was rolled out across the entire business
  • Teamgage data became a central part of how the leadership team managed the business, discussed at C-Suite catch-ups to track culture
  • Teamgage allowed the client’s management to have an increased ability to temperature check and respond quickly to any emerging issues


“We wanted to better engage with our people, reduce the time it took to get data and empower managers to be able to act on it quickly. The speed of feedback within Teamgage has changed the conversations around our people at the highest level of the business. We use Teamgage to chart progress and identify areas for improvement.

As our business evolves towards becoming an innovative and agile company, it’s vital we bring our people along the journey with us. Teamgage is an integral part of our transformation process, giving us the data and insight to make the right decisions, quickly.”

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