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Customer Story

Industry: Elite Sports
Employees: 100-200   Annual Revenue: $50 Million- $100 Million

The client wanted to ensure all employees were living the core values from their strategy, with a desire to be world-class.


Metrics were selected based on the clients values, with teams submitting weekly, to compliment the weekly cycle of fixtures the client focused on. Teamgage was chosen as it empowers individual teams to own, measure and improve their results, as opposed to the need for top-down solutions.


  • After using Teamgage for over 1 year, the client has been able to record an increase in every key metric
  • Results are now discussed regularly and areas for improvement identified and actioned by individual teams, promoting a high-performance culture
  • Declared one of HRD's Innovative HR Teams


“We have found Teamgage to be invaluable in helping us promote our trademark (values) and to ensure that nothing is missed. With a high performing culture, we want to be having the conversations that help us improve and to address areas that could flow through to the employees.

That’s why Teamgage has become part of the structure of our weekly operations meeting every Monday, where Teamgage results are reviewed and improvements taken.

The tool is efficient, easy, doesn’t take long and our staff like to see that their comments are being seen and acted upon.”

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