Department of Human Services

Department of Human Services SA (DHS)were candid enough to realise that ‘Staff Survey’ can be the two words that instil fear amongst the most seasoned of Leaders.  “What will the results be?" and of course, let’s be honest… “How much extra work will this mean for me?”  Following the initial release of Teamgage, DHS described their results as “not bad, but they weren’t amazing either.”


DHS knew that if they were genuine about developing a positive team culture and really driving effective change management, they would need to acknowledge that constructive input from their staff is key.


Teams have now created ongoing improvement strategies including:

  • Weekly updates on team stats
  • A Cheat Sheet of commonly used assessment terminology
  • Better communication through chat groups on Microsoft Teams, Briefing Buddies and Mentor Programs


“Teamgage was the catalyst for us to take the action that is now helping to see our scores rise and staff can actually see their work making a tangible difference. It strengthened the trust between team members and reinforced to the Team that our organisation is interested in their ideas and we’re listening.

It also demonstrated to our Team that Management are genuinely committed to continuous improvement and staff development.  The staff were given the opportunity to step outside of their normal roles and develop their project management skills – an aspect that many staff have not experienced before.”

Dinabee Sander
Manager, People, Strategy & System Services,
Department of Human Services SA

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