City of Port Adelaide Enfield

Representing communities across inner north and north-western suburbs of Adelaide, The City of Port Adelaide Enfield is one of the largest metropolitan councils within South Australia.

The organisation started using Teamgage in 2021 to engage their employees to deliver valuable outcomes to the community.

When their CEO (Chief Executive Officer), Mark Withers, launched Teamgage, he tailored it to the organisation’s purpose: help the community we serve.

They acquired great engagement from the team managers. By using Teamgage, they brought different departments together, improving communication and collaboration. They also created better alignment within their teams.

“Our CEO, Mark Withers, is proud of the results we have been achieving with Teamgage. He talks about Teamgage in his performance appraisal process with the council. He was heavily involved in the setup and rollout and uses it often to assess how the team is going from an engagement and workplace culture perspective”, said Jodie Stevens, People and Culture Manager at City of PAE.

Aligning teams to the business values

One of City of PAE's strategic goals was to align their teams to the business values. The organisation went through a reassessment of their values and needed to find an agile and simple way to engage and align their teams to these values. Teamgage was the perfect tool to support them on this journey, as it could be customisable to the organisational needs.

“Teamgage provides a tailored approach to businesses, as they can customise questions and metrics to what the organisation wants to achieve”, mentioned Jodie Stevens.

With that benefit in mind, City of PAE customised their metrics in Teamgage to match their business values.

Metrics included:

  • Grow and Improve: I’m supported to try new things and do things better
  • Make a difference: My work makes a difference to the organisation and community
  • Better together: We’re working together to achieve great outcomes

By doing so, they got their teams talking about the values and creating actions for continuous improvement. They also promoted alignment around their business values, which helped improve their workplace culture.

Making diversity and inclusion a strategic focus for teams

The City of PAE strives to educate their teams about diversity and inclusion. To make that happen, the organisation wanted diversity and inclusion to become a strategic focus of all teams.

To start conversations around the topic, they added it as a metric within Teamgage inviting teams to reflect on their actions and give feedback on it:

  • Diversity and Inclusion: We are taking active steps towards a more inclusive and diverse workplace

“From having diversity and inclusion as a metric in Teamgage, it generated a lot of discussion. People and Culture have received invites into teams to talk about the meaning of diversity and inclusion. Everybody started talking about it”, said Jodie.

A win that came out of teams’ discussion was the language register in their intranet. The register showed who amongst their workforce spoke other languages other than English. So, when someone from the community called, if English was not their first language, the frontline staff would be quickly able to access someone in the register that could help as an interpreter.

“That fell away because nobody really owned it and kept it up to date. And you’d think that it’s just a simple update, but no. There’s an entire process around it that starts from asking the question when we onboard a new employee”, mentioned Jodie.

Teamgage provided the platform to embed this strategic thinking across the organisation. It generated conversations about other elements of diversity and inclusion, and what that means for them as an organisation.

“People are really enjoying the coming together and having the conversation. The tool is easy to use, it’s visual. All these things are positive about Teamgage”, she said.

Achieving goals and creating a purpose-driven organisation

As part of their strategic direction, City of PAE wanted to align their teams to their values. Teamgage supplied the platform for them to ask questions about topics that were strategically relevant to the organisation.

“Teamgage is a tool that is short, sharp, and gives you that pulse point in time. They were all positives for us. The team engagement platform is equipping us to have the discussions that are going to result in improvements in the services we provide to our community” said Jodie.

The team engagement software will also enable City of PAE to continue reinforcing their values and promoting conversations about them in the workplace. It will create momentum, help identify initiatives, and aid Council with internal organisational capability.

“We must walk the talk. If we are all aligned to our company values, we will be able to provide an efficient customer service to the community”, mentioned Jodie.

What they say

“Teamgage is a user-friendly, agile team engagement tool. It provides meaningful and rich data that supports organisations to build organisational capability to achieve their purpose.”

Jodie Stevens

People and Culture Manager, City of Port Adelaide Enfield

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