Top 3 tips for getting the most out of Teamgage

Andy Welsh
May 6, 2019

Once the excitement of launching Teamgage within an organisation has settled down and the cycle of submissions, reports and improvement has begun, our clients invariably ask us a question:

How can we continue to get the most out of Teamgage?

Our dedicated Customer Success Managers would normally answer that question with a set of recommendations, bespoke to each organisation. However, there are some tips that can apply to anyone that are worth sharing in a handy, bitesize blog post called:

Top 3 tips for getting the most out of Teamgage

1. Make sure all employees know their anonymous ideas and comments are being heard

We cannot overstate the importance of talking about Teamgage within your organisation and letting employees know their submissions don’t just go into a blackhole. Teamgage provides teams at every level with their own, unique set of results so this should be addressed through each team regularly meeting to talk these through. However Senior Leaders can also help here too.  If you ask your employees to submit every month, send your employees a communication every month, citing specific ideas made in Teamgage and an update on the actions (if any) that are being taken.

Once employees know their voice is being heard, they are encouraged to put even more into the process, while those that had previously been reluctant to submit will feel more inclined to get involved in the process.

2. Check in with those teams in your organisation with the highest and lowest submission rates

Actually having a conversation with these teams can be so enlightening. Quite often the team with the highest submission rates will already have a set of recommendations ready to share with you on how they are making the most out of the product! That can include the fact that the metrics are relevant to them, they’re meeting to talk about their results, they trust their team and manager, and are happy to be more engaged in the improvement process. The opposite may be true for those teams with the lowest submission rates and we can help you address those concerns.

3. Regularly review your metrics and questions

Almost every Teamgage client initially picks their metrics and associated questions, without prior-experience of using Teamgage. However, after a few months they’re often in a better position to then judge how powerful the results can be. For example:

  • Is measuring 7 metrics generating too many actionable insights or too little?
  • Has there been a change in your strategy or the market that suggests we should be measuring something else?
  • Have you recieved new recommendations from your annual report that need to be worked on for the next 12 months?
  • Is every team and department finding the metrics relevant to them, or should they be tailored further?
  • Remember that Teamgage can change and adapt as quickly as you need.  Changing metrics is a simple process and can often give submission rates a boost, as employees are given something new to think about.

Let us know if you’re considering acting upon any of this advice and our Customer Success Manager can share some further, more specific best practice with you.

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