Measurable outcomes

Nickolas Sternberg-Heyze
April 12, 2021

SA Department of Human Services’ Executive Director People and Performance Sue-Ann Charlton presented at the Teamgage hosted event Create strategic impact through modern collaboration practices discussing how Government departments are using modern team collaboration practices to create strategic impact. 


If you have people working remotely, how do you measure these outcomes? You need to do your numbers, do analytics and work out productivity. This will provide you with a defensible remote environment plan.

Employee engagement

Acting on measured outcomes will help to build trust amongst employees across the organisation.

Customer feedback

There is always a customer whether you’re a private or public entity. Their experience of dealing with you shouldn’t be less because of your new arrangements (hybrid or remote working). Really, we should be surveying customer satisfaction and understanding that if this drops, it doesn’t mean you stop remote working, it means that you should get together and brainstorm.  

Unplanned leave

Unplanned leave has reduced massively as more flexible work arrangements have become the norm. Productivity has also increased as a benefit. On the downside, people are accruing a lot of annual leave which means this will need to be managed as well!

Employer of choice

Everyone wants the best talent! Increasingly people will choose employers that give them what they want. In the current market, you must be competitive, this means developing supporting capabilities for remote working, being flexible and evolving your work environment.

If you enjoyed this, stay tuned to our series of posts about the takeaways from this and future events.

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