Navigating the current Coronavirus crisis

Ben Smit
April 15, 2020

Many business leaders have been caught off guard by how rapidly the Coronavirus pandemic has impacted the way we work. Some agile organisations, particularly those in service industries can simply adjust to working from home, and utilising the many tech platforms from Microsoft Teams to Trello to ensure everything operates as ‘business as usual’.

But for others, it’s far more challenging to manage and lead team members who are not accustomed to working from home and are also facing personal challenges such as home schooling, self-isolation or the real or imagined threat of a reduction in income.

What to remember

The most important to thing to remember is to communicate – in situations such as these, there’s no such thing as too much communication! Be as transparent as you can be, be factual and compassionate, and introduce a culture of two-way communication that is inclusive and reflects the culture of your office, even if the location is now remote.

Now is the most important time to demonstrate clear, confident leadership and to introduces processes that will empower the team. Our technology platform allows teams to communicate effectively and drive the right actions, while providing leaders with real-time insights and ideas from across the organisation. In the current climate, that can lead to action and improvement in areas like “working from home” and “communication levels”. If you’re managing large numbers of disparate teams and need to feel confident in the accuracy of performance, now is the time to harness technology to gather real, honest information. This, coupled with a more hands-on, flexible and compassionate approach such as virtual check-ins, will help teams feel heard, appreciated and trusted. In turn can feel confident that they are performing, engaged and meeting objectives even when not visible to you.

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