Improve Employee Engagement Using Team Engagement Software

Claudia Peixoto
September 20, 2022

Team Engagement Software is a tool that allows team members to communicate better and collaborate in real time, no matter where they are. Teams that use team engagement software have a safe space to anonymously share their thoughts and raise concerns. This means that everyone in the team is given a voice, so leaders have a chance to address issues before they snowball.

Hybrid team using team engagement software

Team Engagement or Employee Engagement Software?

Team engagement software is not the same as employee engagement software!

Even though both collect employee feedback using software, team engagement tools put the ownership of the results in every team manager’s hands. Employee engagement surveys only puts the ownership of results in HR's hands. Similarly, team engagement is focused on the whole team coming together to look out for each other’s wellbeing and performance, while employee engagement focuses only on the individual in insolation.

When the team manager is the owner of their employees’ feedback results, they become accountable for engaging their whole team to improve. Teams and leaders get together on an ongoing basis to discuss the feedback received and write down actions to correct what's not right. Because team managers are directly getting feedback from their team members, it never goes into the dreaded black hole! Employees actually feel heard, engaged, and more connected to their team. It's a bottom-up approach that drives team ownership of results, while lowering staff churn.

On the other hand, employee engagement software is solely owned by HR. Human resources professionals are accountable for the results, and for making sure that team managers will action the feedback received. HR is responsible for engaging leaders to put improvement actions in place, and they need to keep them accountable for improving results. It's a top-down approach, that when done right can bring positive results, but needs a lot of work from HR.

Team meeting using team engagement software.

Team Engagement Software Benefits

Team engagement software, like Teamgage Huddle, can provide so many benefits for teams and organisations! When team managers are responsible for engaging their teams and listening to their feedback, employees are given a voice. They also have a safe environment to speak up or raise issues.

Using team engagement software helps team managers improve team communication, team collaboration and, consequently, improve business culture. So, the whole organisation also benefits from a team engagement platform, as it supports creating and maintaining a high-performing team culture

Employee using team engagement software.

Team Engagement Software Features

Here’s a list of team engagement software features that will help you engage your teams and improve your employee engagement results.

◾️ Create custom teams and metrics

With Team Engagement Software, you can create custom teams based on your business organisational chart.  Each team can have its own strategic metrics that relate to their goals and the business strategy.

◾️ Gather anonymous employee feedback

This feature allows employees to provide feedback on their strategic metrics. Feedback is anonymous to create a safe space where no one is afraid to share their thoughts. Team members can add comments to their feedback.

◾️ Meet to discuss feedback results

Teams can use the results of these ongoing feedback surveys to improve their performance. They can also use the data to identify areas to improve. In the dashboard, they will see how their team scored against each metric, plus the team’s ideas and comments.

◾️ Define improvement actions together

When accessing the results, the team will define improvement actions together based on the feedback received. Then they will then take action by implementing this plan.

◾️ Time to get those improvement actions done!

Once the actions are in place, it’s time to get them done! Make sure your team members are aligned on what needs to be achieved, and that they keep track of their progress. Next time you meet, check if the actions were completed, or if there’s anything blocking their success.

Remember, this isn’t a one-off employee engagement survey. This is all about continuous improvement. Check results together regularly and experiment with your actions. Learn quickly if an action has failed and double down if they work!

Team Engagement Software

Harness the Power of Engaged Teams

Teamgage Huddle is an innovative approach to engage your teams in the workplace. It’s inspired by sports teams that regularly get together to tweak tactics and improve their performance.

Speak to our team today to see how Teamgage Huddle can help you engage your teams to improve business culture, increase retention, manage risks or promote change.

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