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Teamgage is an online solution that helps large organisations identify engagement and performance barriers, and equips teams and managers at all levels to address those issues.

The entire experience is based on our unique 20 second interface which offers a low-touch experience for staff and managers, removing the need to painful, long-winded surveys.

Teamgage offers actionable and elegant workplace analytics in real-time for companies that want to make evidence-based decisions to energise and motivate their teams to do their best work.

20 sec. feedback
Easy to understand
Glance and go
Comment analysis
Enterprise security

No more long, painful surveys. No more waiting. No more paralysis by analysis. Gain clarity and real results within days, not months.

Leverage the next generation of performance technology, based on global research and agile best practice

The best way to experience Teamgage is by seeing it in action, so contact us to arrange a demo and have your questions answered. We're a friendly bunch, and more importantly we're passionate about helping your organisation thrive.


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