Create a culture of Improvement in 20 seconds

We’ve already done it for major global organisations, now it’s your turn.

Change is coming...
it always does.

And it’s happening faster than when the typewriter became an outdated antique.

Your only choice is whether to embrace it and have it work in your favour, or let it consume you. Ask Kodak, Blockbuster, Borders, Pan Am or RadioShack which one they’d pick.

Organisations don’t actively “Not change”.

But they do delay making changes for too long

Each second that goes by where improvement is not a priority gets you closer to the point of no return. Oh, by the way you’ve been on this site for:



Innovation just means getting better. everyday.

Anyone can do it.

You don’t need to be an “Innovation Rockstar”, you just need a culture of improvement.

How can you get a little better each day?

You can’t force a culture. but you can foster it.

What if you made your people their own
champions of improvement?

What if they had the ability and motivation
to contribute to improvement?

What if you could begin
doing this in 20 seconds?

It’s time you took a different approach.

We can do better. Much Better.

Teamgage is a modern tool you can use to improve your culture. It takes 20 seconds to use, it has a beautiful and engaging interface users love, and most importantly it gets results.

Create improvement champions, at every level

Teamgage will get team members at every level of your organisation actively involved in the improvement process, and motivated to find and implement solutions.

Doesn’t that sound easier than trying to do it all yourself?

Create leaders that are more aware & responsive

All metrics are in real-time, and our 20-second UI is specifically designed to get you critical, actionable information when you need it. You also get access to aggregate results for team, branch, segment and whole of org reporting.

Ready for change? Let’s make it happen:

How Teamgage is benefiting organisations like yours

Organisations that get it

Video Introduction

Ready for change? Let’s make it happen:

Let's Recap What teamgage Offers

Teamgage offers actionable and elegant workplace analytics in real-time for companies that want to make evidence-based decisions to energise and motivate their teams to do their best work.
Team members:
20-seconds to make submission
Completely anonymous
Increased staff engagement
Team leaders:
Real-time submissions data
Glance and go reports
Actionable results
Metrics align with your business
Compare results across teams
Drive change with staff
Quantify the impact of change
Reduce staff turnover
Enterprise Security

We Could Go On Forever

But the best way to experience Teamgage is by seeing it in action.

We’re a friendly bunch and don’t worry, we hate dated, pushy sales tactics as much as you do. Our goal is to turn every organisation into improvement champions – if you decide we can’t do that for you, we won’t waste your time.

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